Stephen walks…

On the 17th July, my incredibly motivated cousin will begin a 190 mile coast-to-coast walk across northern England. Stephen is walking in memory of my brother, Danny and is making the journey to raise awareness of addiction and to raise valuable funds to support an incredible charity, Action on Addiction. He intends to leave aContinue reading “Stephen walks…”

Addiction is not a choice

I’m reading the most beautiful book by Giles Paley-Phillips. It’s called One Hundred and Fifty-two days and it’s just about the most beautiful thing I have ever read. Giles is a children’s author but I wasn’t familiar with his books. Instead I came across him on twitter as he often tweets about positivity and mentalContinue reading “Addiction is not a choice”

Podcast with Traver Boehm: I talk about surviving the loss of a family member to addiction

Shortly after releasing my book my wonderful friend, Cath put me in touch with Traver Boehm. I wasn’t familiar with him at the time but they shared a mutual friend and he had kindly agreed to interview me for The UNcivilized Podcast. Now I hate the sound of my own voice but I’ll happily talkContinue reading “Podcast with Traver Boehm: I talk about surviving the loss of a family member to addiction”

Not Dad too. Not my dad.

So today is the first anniversary of the UK’s lockdown and a day to reflect and remember all we have lost to COVID-19. And of course, all I can think about is my truly wonderful Dad. The man whose voice I hear in my head a thousand times every day, whose dressing gown I wrapContinue reading “Not Dad too. Not my dad.”

When your world changes in the blink of an eye

I know all too well how it feels to have your whole world change in an instant. When you lose someone you love it changes everything about your family dynamic and how you view the world. So my heart breaks for an old school friend who’s husband almost died from a stroke. She didn’t loseContinue reading “When your world changes in the blink of an eye”

We can do more than tell people to #bekind

It is hard to believe it is a year since TV presenter, Caroline Flack’s tragic death shocked the world. Like many people, I vividly remember hearing the news. It was an utter travesty that someone that appeared so vivacious and successful could get to the point where she felt there was no way out. ItContinue reading “We can do more than tell people to #bekind”

Living with… childhood anxiety

It’s 9:25 and I’m desperate to go downstairs. A programme I wanted to watch on TV started at 9 and I think if I can get down before half-past I’ll be able to catch up. Any later and I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. My son lifts his head from the pillow beside me andContinue reading “Living with… childhood anxiety”

Moving forward

I write about death and speak about it far more than I ever imagined I would. And yet, I still consider myself upbeat and positive. I still love nothing more than being sarcastic and a bit daft (ask my kids!). Because while being bereaved has certainly changed my life, it has not changed who IContinue reading “Moving forward”