I want for you

I want for you


The moon, the sun

The stars

I want you to reach so high knowing if you fall I’ll be there to catch you

I want you to explore, to dream

To believe in your heart that anything is possible

To fall in love

To be loved

To be a father some day

You’d make a wonderful father

I want you to stumble in the house drunk

To wave you off to uni

To have sleepless nights because you are half way across the world

But on an adventure

The most wonderful adventure

Living your life

Your dreams

My dreams for you

But my fear

My fear is your fear

That your worries will rob you of the life you are supposed to have

That you’ll stay home

Choosing comfort and safety over risk and joy

Needing my arms to protect you but feeling too old to ask

Needing to be by my side

Near me

With me

Part of me

So that I can keep you safe

Can keep the worries from taking over

Silently, patiently, protecting you from yourself

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