When your world changes in the blink of an eye

David before and after his devastating stroke.

I know all too well how it feels to have your whole world change in an instant.

When you lose someone you love it changes everything about your family dynamic and how you view the world. So my heart breaks for an old school friend who’s husband almost died from a stroke.

She didn’t lose him, and that is a blessing, but she is fighting every day to get the right support so he can come back to her and their family.

Kathryn and David were a devoted couple and his devastating stroke almost killed him. He has suffered paralysis on one side of his body and has lost the ability to communicate. Covid has meant she hasn’t been permitted to see him often and support him through therapy. Another devastating blow during such a difficult time.

But there is hope on the horizon and plans are afoot to get him hope to continue his recovery. But in order to get the support he’ll need she needs to raise a lot of cash.

So here’s the ask…

If you could, please donate to her just giving page where Kathryn sets out their story:


Or or maybe and, enter her prize draw to win a 40inch TV. Tickets are just £5 and you all you have to do is transfer money to david@dtechit.co.uk via PayPal and add your full name and email address.

And if this story has affected you please share my post. Let’s do our bit to help a family rebuild their lives.

Thank you! 😘

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